White Paper: The Future of Leadership, Technology & Rural-Urban Collaboration


The Rural Futures Institute (RFI) at the University of Nebraska believes for America to thrive, our rural residents and communities must thrive. We’ve learned that growing a vibrant rural sector takes:

As our high-tech, globalized world continues to collide with the values, principles and ethics of humanity, RFI breaks into the currently polarizing narratives of the rural-urban divide, technology development and the future of work through its weekly podcast, “Rural Futures with Dr. Connie” available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Hosted by Connie Reimers-Hild, Ph.D., RFI Interim Executive Director & Chief Futurist, the Rural Futures Podcast Season 1 includes 10 episodes with guest interviews of futurists, researchers and rural mavericks who are smashing barriers for a thriving rural-urban future. With Dr. Connie, guests dissect the evolving roles and tools of leadership, technology and collaboration in our exponentially changing world to help listeners explore potential solutions and embrace opportunities.

With patience, intelligence, experience and innovation, Dr. Connie believes people can come together, find areas of commonality and build toward solutions that take us to a future of abundance for all.

In many cases, solutions involve strong leadership, right-sized technology and better rural-urban collaboration. What does that mean exactly? Each guest shared ideas that often combined with Dr. Connie’s to uncover exciting new perspectives and potential courses of action.


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Rural Futures with Dr. Connie Season 1 Guests: