Fellows Week 1: RFI Strategic Communications

Written by Rin Le, Sydney Burdick and Tristan Powell

This past week the RFI Fellows for strategic communications have been working to prepare for the upcoming summer!

Tristan Powell is storyboarding four videos to communicate how the University of Nebraska is working through the Rural Futures Institute to elevate the rural economy. He’s working with RFI Student Fellows in rural Nebraska communities to find the best approach for visually representing the work being accomplished this summer. Tristan is also planning road trips throughout Nebraska to capture rural cityscapes with a video drone.

“I’ve learned just how much potential there is for rural to get their story out to more people and how I can help in that process,” Tristan said.

Sydney Burdick is RFI’s social media guru. She is pushing out all of the Fellows’ press releases on RFI’s platforms, which include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Her goal throughout this year is to inform RFI audiences about rural challenges and opportunities, as well as keep the audiences up-to-date about what is going on in the 2019 fellows communities.

“RFI has given me new perspective on social media as well as rural areas,” Sydney said. “It’s eye opening to see how much impact we have on rural areas, and not just in Nebraska.”

Rin Le, a graduate student in the College of Architecture, has been learning and getting familiar with RFI visual thematics. In order to produce visual representation of an organization, he needs to be able to understand what the color palette is and how the RFI logo comes into play with the composition of a graphic as a whole. Rin’s task is to recreate the community experiences and translate them into visual image to be presented in the 2019 RFI Fellows campaign.

“The academy helped me realized that we as a community are dependent on each other despite our differences whether that may be cultural or perspective,” Rin said.

Fun video from RFI Student Fellows – RFI Strategic Communications 2019