Vision Story

Rural America unleashes the full potential of its leadership, economic capacity, cultural creativity and natural resources, creating explicit value for small and large communities within and beyond its geography. Rural places have become the legitimate best choice for leaders, businesses, families, graduates and explorers. Rural people earn global respect for fueling the future of humankind.

Leaders With research and information at their fingertips as well as access to diverse perspectives and talents, leaders choose to thrive in rural America where they have multiple opportunities to make a signicant impact on their communities and their world.
Businesses With access to a highly motivated, highly skilled workforce, technology and natural resources, businesses choose rural America to serve, launch, expand and compete globally.
Families With rural schools and daycares recruiting highly educated teachers, providing leading curriculum and creating unique engagement opportunities, families choose to raise children where they feel safe and connected to community.
Graduates With an instilled sense of grit and determination, graduates choose to stay in or return to rural America because of the leadership, employment, education and social opportunities that allow them to pursue their purpose.
Explorers With creative cultures and bustling main streets embedded in majestic landscapes, rich recreational opportunities and rugged outdoors, explorers choose to visit rural America to relax, reconnect and reenergize.