UNMC Student Regent discusses Rural Healthcare on Rural Futures Podcast


April 17, 2019 — “The University of Nebraska is an incredible institution,” said Sarah Hotovy, a third-year medical student at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) from York, Neb. “It’s thriving, and it’s got incredible leadership that we’re really lucky to have,” she added.

Hotovy shared her experience as UNMC Student Regent and Student Senate President during the Bold Voices student segment of the Rural Futures Podcast Episode 28 at 15:47. The weekly podcast, “Rural Futures with Dr. Connie,” debuts every Tuesday, featuring a University of Nebraska student within a primary interview of a researcher, futurist or rural maverick creating leadership, technology and collaborative opportunities for rural communities across the country. This episode features Garry Clark, Executive Director of the Greater Fremont Development Council in Fremont, Neb., and it is available across listening platforms — iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloudGoogle Play and Spotify.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in political science and biochemistry from Nebraska Wesleyan University, Hotovy spent a year in Indonesia teaching English as a Fulbright Scholar. She became UNMC’s Student Regent and Student Senate President during her second year at the Medical Center, and she is honored to have the opportunity to connect with and represent her peers.

“I like to lead through serving others,” Hotovy said of her servant-leadership style. “My goal through leadership is to see other people be successful and do what I can to help them be successful.” By encouraging and supporting her followers, she tries to help them reach their full potential and accomplish their goals.

Hotovy hopes to dedicate her career to affordable healthcare access for both rural and urban residents. “Regardless if they live in a town of three people or 300,000 people, I think that everyone deserves access to high-quality medical care,” she said. “If we can keep people healthier, we’re going to be more prosperous as a state,” she continued.

According to Hotovy, much of her success can be attributed to the University of Nebraska. “I really felt empowered at UNMC, not only to develop my skills so that I can be an excellent clinician and take good care of patients, but also to be a leader in the future of healthcare,” she said.

“So much happening at UNMC is groundbreaking, and it has really inspired me to make sure that I’m doing the same with my career,” she added.


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