Tourism | 2018 RFI Student Serviceship


Hear how community leaders from Broken Bow, Nebraska, and Red Cloud, Nebraska, along with University of Nebraska students, created and implemented strategies related to rural tourism during 2018 RFI Student Serviceship!




Their creative ideas and solutions and their vision for the future are inspiring!


💪 “[The students] didn’t leave anything off the table. They shot high. I think one thing that rural communities do sometimes is we set the bar too low.” — Andrew Ambriz


A HUGE thank you to two lead mentors and community leaders we are constantly learning from:


Andrew Ambriz, Executive Director, Custer Economic Development Corporation (CEDC)

Jarrod McCartney, Director, Heritage Tourism Director


And a shout out to these stellar NU students and their 22 peers who also participated in serviceship this summer.


Jessica Weeder, argibusiness, UNL College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR)

Leanne Gamet, agricultural and environmental sciences communication, CASNR

Trenton Burh, political science, Nebraska College of Arts and Sciences

Trevor Harlow, political science & environmental studies, UNO College of Arts and Sciences


📹: Karina Hernadez, Summer 2018 RFI Communications Intern and May 2018 UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communications Graduate!