Theresa Klein

Wahoo Chamber and Economic Development

Executive Director

Wahoo, Neb.

Graduate of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Animal Science and Agricultural Economics

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2020 Experience

Focus: Civic Engagement, Communications

The students will work to identify and develop a comprehensive communications plan that focuses on city, healthcare and civic outreach and engagement. Students will identify and engage diverse emerging leaders in civic and healthcare related efforts. In addition, students will assist with final prep and execution of the 150th Sesquicentennial Celebration that will be held June 26-28 in Wahoo. Assistance with community engagement efforts will be pursued by creating surveys, conducting focus groups, etc.

Students: Savannah Gerlach, Amanda MostOscaline Usanase
Peer: Melissa Harrell

Sponsored By: Wahoo Chamber and Economic Development, Saunders Medical Center, City of Wahoo

Theresa’s Nebraska Story

Born and raised on the farm homesteaded in 1873 by my immigrant great-grandparents. I love living in and working for rural Nebraska. And I find myself wanting others to understand such a deep love of this land, and those who care for it.

What do you hope to gain?

I believe that the involvement and authentic engagement of every citizen adds exponential value to the efforts of a community. I am so looking forward learning more about myself and how I can work towards this goal in my own community. And help others do the same.

Why do you think it important community leaders have this type of experience in terms of inclusive leadership development?

As our communities, state and world change, the value of each and every person increases if we are more aware of our impact on each other and our world. That’s a loaded, and perhaps convoluted statement. I am as eager for the training as I am the opportunity to apply it and grow it in our community!

Why is this contribution of students from University of Nebraska significant to you and/or your community?

It is a direct investment in our community. An investment based on research and knowledge that has proven to have a dramatic positive impact on how communities see themselves and each other differently. I’m so pumped.

Why is rural important?

Rural is the source of the food, fiber, water and natural resources that not only enable our very existence, but also inspire and enrich each of us as unique individuals, and indeed as a human race. So much that drives our aspiration and enhances our very existence can be found in those places of beauty and natural wonder that exist outside of that which we consider urban.

Why does now provide tremendous opportunity to move rural communities forward?

This is a time of great change and therein lies the opportunity. Demographics, generational, technological change all impact our lives and the way business is conducted. Embracing this change, engaging those driving it, challenging the status quo, lifting up different voices and perspectives are all things that will impact lives and help communities better embrace this era of change.