The Nebraska Hayseed Project

Teaching & Engagement, 2014


The Nebraska Hayseed project was a creative transdisciplinary civic engagement and community research effort bringing the Lied Center for Performing Arts, the College of Journalism and the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln together. The goal of this unique collaboration that united art and agriculture was the fact that both arts and agriculture are inherently process based and essential to the quality of life in rural Nebraska.


An undergraduate course was developed and co-taught by faculty from Journalism and IANR and built around oral history collection. Undergraduate students conducted oral history interviews in rural communities which engaged statewide conversations about agriculture through the arts. The collected stories were used to create an original theatrical screenplay that toured the state. This project celebrated our state’s rural communities through performing arts, a collection of oral histories and an exploration of Nebraska farm life.

The Nebraska Hayseed project was constructed to create a platform where farm families can openly speak about their life experiences. In addition to the book published from this project, the oral history transcripts from the interviews were donated to the Nebraska State Historical Society for permanent archiving.

Project Team




(To request a free copy of the culminating publication “Pioneer Farms: A Century of Change,” which contains excerpts from the oral history interviews, please contact Petra Wahlqvist.)

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