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With Gratitude


During this month of Thanksgiving, we take some extra time to share our gratitude for all of our partners — individuals and communities of place and practice. Thank you for all you do to bring forward the research and hands-on work for thriving rural communities of the future.

The Rural Futures Institute (RFI) at the University of Nebraska understands that to truly make a statewide, regional, national and international impact for current and future residents of rural communities, we must partner with the boldest, action-oriented thought leaders and achievers around the world.


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Today we especially recognize one of many of our strategic partners from the University of Nebraska — Nebraska Extension.


Aligning our resources and capacity with Nebraska 4-H and the Community Vitality Initiative (CVI) has allowed RFI’s small, nimble team to empower incredible “boots-on-the-ground” impact in more than 45 Nebraska rural communities and counties.


The following strategic collaboration reports demonstrate how CVI and RFI have brought forward meaningful impact to the people of rural Nebraska.

Report on SourceLink coming soon!

Report on Rural Prosperity Research Project coming soon!


Many results to this point were accomplished through RFI’s previous seed grant program, RFI Competitive Awards. From 2013 to 2017 RFI supported the creation of the following projects and programs as well as 64 academic and resource publications and presentations.



RFI has also been supported in the development of its vision and action by the following RFI Faculty and Community Innovation Fellows from Nebraska Extension.



The Future

Together and with additional partners, we are looking forward to the:

Thank you, Nebraska Extension, for all you do for Nebraska rural communities and rural communities around the world!