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With Gratitude

During this month of Thanksgiving, we take some extra time to share our gratitude for all of our partners — individuals and communities of place and practice. Thank you for all you do to bring forward the research and hands-on work for thriving rural communities of the future.


The Rural Futures Institute (RFI) at the University of Nebraska understands that to truly make a statewide, regional, national and international impact for current and future residents of rural communities, we must partner with the boldest, action-oriented thought leaders and achievers around the world.


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Today, we especially thank the Japan Society Innovators Network.


Multi-year projects facilitated by the Innovators Network provide unique opportunities for leaders and innovators to come together, share knowledge and insight, and catalyze positive social change. RFI has been directly involved in the Resilient and Vibrant Rural Communities in Japan and the U.S., which is supported by The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas) and R&R Consulting.


RFI Chief Futurist Presents During Rural Japan Immersion 2018

Locations that Reimers-Hild traveled in Japan.

Connie Reimers-Hild, Ph.D., RFI Interim Executive Director & Chief Futurist, is serving as futurist for the project and recently returned from her rural immersion in Japan where she focused her research on aging and women.

She presented at the forum, “When Local Wisdom Goes Global,” held at Ehime University in Matsuyama, Japan. The forum focused on the dissemination of information, emphasizing that it is now possible for an organization in a small town, a village, or even a hamlet to disseminate information that ends up having a global reach, and receive direct feedback from individuals and organizations anywhere in the world. 

Reimers-Hild also presented with her U.S. counterparts at the forum, “Challenges in Regional Revitalization: Insights from American and Japanese Rural Innovators,” which was held at the University of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan. This forum addressed the common challenges of depopulation, low-birth rate and declining local economies in both rural U.S. and rural Japan. In both countries, innovators are tackling these enduring challenges to create sustainable economies and communities.

Reimers-Hild shared her framework of strategic foresight and emphasized the empowerment of women as a key focus for rural communities in both countries. Her paper will be published soon.


RFI Hosts Rural Innovators From Japan 2017

In October 2017, RFI hosted rural entrepreneurs and thought leaders from Japan. Get all the details, including the formal presentations from all visitors, in our published article, “RFI Connects ‘Fierce’ Rural Innovators From Japan and Nebraska,” and check out the video below!

Article & Video Presentations


Thank you, Japan Society, for your creative action and critical focus on rural people and places in Japan and the United States.