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By Allison Hatch, Talent Attraction Coordinator at the Nebraska Department of Economic Development

The Department of Economic Development (DED) and our partners are launching an exciting new initiative this fall called the Good Life Ambassadors, to bring together citizens who identify as passionate community champions and want to share the good news about Nebraska. We recognize that Nebraska’s current residents are our most valuable resource, as well as our state’s best recruiters. The initiative will actively engage our citizens to join a network, which will undoubtedly include many young professionals across the state, to share pride in our state and promote Nebraska as a great place to live and work to their friends and family via social media.

Ambassadors will also have the opportunity connect directly with potential new residents who have questions about living and working in Nebraska. These outstanding Ambassadors will be supported by DED and its partners through the entire process, including being provided additional bragging points about our great state to ensure they feel confident giving potential new residents relevant and factual information.


Growing our State

I see the Good Life Ambassador initiative benefiting our state in multiple ways:


Join us!

Anyone who is interested in becoming a Good Life Ambassador can sign up at Ambassadors will receive two or three emails each month encouraging them to share good news about Nebraska with their social networks including significant Nebraska accomplishments, interesting facts and personal responses to fun prompts.

In addition, we hope everyone uses #Nebraska to share quintessential Nebraska moments, fun adventures, good news or reasons why you love living, working or playing in Nebraska with your social networks. And, follow us @NebraskaGoodLife on Facebook and Instagram and @NebGoodLife on Twitter!


Our Partners

DED is grateful for the support of many partners as we launch this initiative. The Nebraska Talent Team (a group of talent-focused economic development and chambers of commerce professionals) and CYN Steering Team have been instrumental in guiding the design and promotion of the initiative. And now, we are all together leading the charge on recruiting our first Good Life Ambassadors – you!


Allison Hatch

Allison Hatch

Talent Attraction Coordinator | Nebraska Department of Economic Development
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Allison Hatch oversees a state strategy for attracting qualified talent for growing job opportunities. She is involved with coordinating an extensive communications and outreach effort that promotes Nebraska as welcoming and attracts a diverse group of talented individuals to the state to live and work; developing programs and fostering an environment that results in individuals remaining in the state; and serving as a catalyst for advancing ideas, partnerships and actions that create greater pathways to career opportunities for Nebraska’s current and future workforce.



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