September 23, 2019

North 81 Region Insights

The Nebraska Thriving Index is LIVE! Let’s start digging into the details! First up, the North 81 region, which has the highest thriving index at 144 and ranks 1st among its peers overall.

Each of the indexes are comprised of 5-10 measures, providing a robust view of where rural Nebraska is compared to several peer regions. North 81 ranks particularly well with four firsts.

Drilling down via the interactive online tool, we see North 81 out paces its peers significantly in “employer establishments per 1,000 residents” measure of the Economic Opportunity & Diversity Index, which reflects the formation & survival rate of employer establishments & transitions between employer and non-employer status.

North 81’s lowest ranking index is Infrastructure & Cost of Doing Business. In this Index, we see the lowest ranking measure is “Weekly Wage Rate.” The hourly wage rates influence the competitive conditions for business.