Sandy Montague-Roes

Chadron Community Hospital/Western Community Health Resources


Chadron, Neb.

Graduate of Chadron State College, Western Nebraska General Hospital School of Nursing

Focus: PreK-12 Education and Mental Health Awareness, Indigenous Population Inclusion

The student fellows will work to complete SHAPE planning and implementation through data collection and analysis of pre-K-12 youth, with a priority support for the Native American population. Students will focus on methods to reduce stigma of mental health through awareness campaigns. Students will also assist Dawes County Joint Planning with projects related to health, economic development and tourism.

Students: Tyra Ann ReardonSawyer Smith
Innovators: Terri HaynesSandy Montague-Roes

Sponsored By: Chadron Public Schools, Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education (AWARE) Grant staff, Dawes County Joint Planning

Sandy’s Nebraska Story

I was born in Chadron, Nebraska and have lived in the area my entire life.

What do you hope to gain?

Exposure and opportunity to build relationships with a generation that is different than mine.

Why do you think it important community leaders have this type of experience in terms of inclusive leadership development?

Understanding the make up of yourself allows you to be open to understanding others, their ideas, perspectives and dreams.

Why is this contribution of students from NU significant to you and your community?

The relationship provides the opportunity to find students who have the willingness and interest to learn about rural/frontier culture and embrace that opportunity for exploration and potential change.

Why is rural important?

Rural is the foundation to build upon. Rural has deep roots of pride, tradition, and determination.