Sage Williams

  • Hometown: Eddyville, NE
  • Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Major: Agricultural Education
  • Serviceship Community: McCook, NE

Why did you pursue RFI’s Student Serviceship experience?
I pursued RFI’s Student Serviceship opportunity because I want to help impact a community similar to the one I grew up in. The community I was raised in was so supportive of one another and provided me with numerous opportunities I wouldn’t have had elsewhere. Additionally, I loved the aspect of using creativity and entrepreneurship to collaborate with others in growing a community.

What do you hope to learn and how do you hope to be different from this experience?
I hope to learn how to use the resources available and use them in the most creative and efficient way possible. I also really want to learn what it is like to actively collaborate and communicate with people in a community. I hope this opportunity pushes me toward my full potential, being able to take more risks without fear and understand the process of completing a project using the skill set I’ve been given.

What is your favorite aspect of Nebraska?
Hands down, the people. The people of Nebraska are what makes this state such a great place to live, and that’s what also makes the communities in Nebraska so wonderful to be a part of.