#RFIFellows In Action: Pierce County Final Summary

Marie and Judith with local ice cream shop owner, Wanda Backus

By Judith Grey and Marie Meis

As our time in Pierce County is coming to a close, we cannot help but be sad to leave Pierce County. We have been welcomed by the residents of this area, and we have loved every minute we have shared with them. Susan Norris has helped us form deep connections that will last long past our eight weeks here. 

“Pierce County offered so much I didn’t expect. Such as being able to form connections with so many great people and how often these rural communities have an event planned. Each town offers something unique and we hope our projects were able to capture that. Pierce County will always have a place in my heart.”

Marie Meis

Pierce County is a thriving area, and we got to see firsthand how much it has to offer. We feel very lucky that we could help with their marketing and promotion. Our community videos had a huge response from residents, and it is because there are people in rural Nebraska that are passionate about where they are from.

One way that we have grown is from working to put our ideas and plans to action. Marie typically struggles with idea creation and seeing where needs are. Judith is an idealistic person but can’t always see how to put my ideas into action. Together, we spent hours brainstorming how we could tackle the priorities for Pierce County and put our skills together. Ultimately, this led to us being able to produce seven videos, two logos, three community events, six flyers and much more in our short time here. It was only able to happen because of a great program, fantastic boss and supporting communities. 

“My experience in Pierce County impacted me as much as we impacted them–if not more. It’s inspiring to see the potential for change and the action needed to start rolling toward the goals.”

judith grey

As we leave Pierce County, we will be taking a lot with us. We are grateful for the connections we formed, the leadership skills we gained, and the knowledge of how to put our ideas into action.