#RFIFellows In Action: Auburn Final Summary

Brittney and Emma helping local business owner, Sonia Kistner, with her store’s Facebook page.

By Emma Hoffschneider and Brittney Emerson

This summer we had the opportunity to grow not only as individuals, but also as a collective group. The valuable tools and lessons learned will stay with us for the remainder of both our personal and professional lives. 

“I applied for Rural Futures because I love my rural hometown. RFI is making a big impact on small town Nebraska and I am forever grateful for this experience.”

Brittney Emerson

Through this experience,we learned that there is no “cookie cutter” definition of inclusive leadership because it is a multitude of things. It’s welcoming diverse groups to the table and seeing how our differences can become unique assets. We now recognize the importance of each person’s unique strengths and weaknesses. We have grown our cultural mindsets. We have learned how our diverse cultures not only makes us unique, but also strengthens our team. We can confidently say that we grew as effective team members and inclusive leaders. 

“Inclusive leadership is not only listening to everyone’s voice, but also recognizing everyone’s unique background and mindset.”

Emma Hoffschnieder

Additionally, we are blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from such a passionate group of ladies in Auburn. Julia, Kim and Leslie showed us their passions, frustrations, and future dreams while emulating the dignity and grace of inclusive leaders. 

We have loved the journey that RFI has taken us on. It was not only a time of great joy, but also an experience of enormous growth. Auburn, Nebraska, thank you for welcoming us into your community and giving us a new place to keep in our hearts!