Raghav Kidambi from India shares his rural-urban perspective on Rural Futures Podcast Episode 16



November 6, 2018 — Raghav Kidambi, senior management major at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, is from a “town” of seven million people.

Born and raised in Chennai, located in the southeastern part of India, Kidambi had never experienced a rural community, let alone a rural community in the United States.

That is until he became a Rural Futures Institute (RFI) Serviceship student in summer 2018. He talked about his experience and why it is important to his future in the Bold Voices student segment of Episode 16 of the Rural Futures Podcast [13:20], available across listening platforms.

“When people leave rural societies for urban centers, we’re losing a huge amount of workforce when it comes to agribusiness and agriculture and things that are necessary — that are the backbone for the country,” he says. “And not just in America, but this is happening everywhere in the world.”

Raghav worked, served and lived in Seward, Neb., for 10 weeks, creating a newcomer engagement strategy, complete with an events guide and web page.

“Going into a rural community is something special by itself, because there’s a lot more meaning attached to what you’re doing,” he says during his podcast interview. “Your work is going to affect not just you but literally a community that you get to spend time with on a daily basis.”

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