Peter Longo, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellow | Natural & Social Sciences

University of Nebraska at Kearney



Dr. Longo has been at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Department of Political Science, since 1988. Previously he was at Benedictine College (Kansas) (1986-88). Longo has published, with Anthony Schutz and the late Robert D. Miewald, the Nebraska State Constitution: A Reference Guide, 2nd edition (University of Nebraska Press) and co-edited (David Yaskowitz) Water in the Great Plains: Issues and Policies (Texas Tech University Press). Longo serves as the editor of Great Plains Research, a journal from the Center for Great Plains Studies (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), exposing him to great faculty research across the midwest and making him a great resource for our new Fellows Team.


  • Bachelor’s degree, history, Creighton University
  • Doctorate, political science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Research Interests

  • How cooperative models can promote the community good



  • Daugherty Water for Food Institute University of Nebraska, Healthy Nebraska and Beyond: Building Health from the Bottom-up along Waterways, ($27,465 with Alan Kolok, Patrick McNamara, Eleanor Rogan—Longo ) 2015
  • Nebraska University Foundation, Empowering Nebraska Youth to empower Nebraska Communities, ($82,500, with John Anderson), 2007 – 2009
  • Campus Kitchen of Washington, D.C. A grant to help students deliver meals to citizens in need. ($10,000), 2006 – 2009.


Leadership Roles

Most Recent Publications

  • Longo, P.J., Cummings R.G. (2013). Dam Water Policy: The Need for Global Governance. Journal of International Energy Policy, 2, 31-38.
  • Edwards, R., Longo P., (2013) Introduction Rural Communities and School Consolidation. Great Plains Research, 91-97.
  • Blauwkamp, J.M., Longo, P.J., and Anderson, J. (2011). School consolidation in Nebraska: Economic efficiency vs. rural community life. Online Journal of Rural Research and Policy, 6, 1, 1-20.
  • Longo, P.J., & Blauwkamp, J.M. (2011). Workplace religious accommodation for Muslims and the promise of state constitutionalism. Great Plains Research, 21, 3 (Spring), 3-15.
  • Longo, P. “Water Quality.” (2011). Governing America: Major Policies and Decisions of Federal, State, and Local Government, eds. Paul Quirk and William Cunion., New York, NY: Facts-on-File
  • Miewald, R., Longo, P., Schutz A. (2010). 433pp., The Nebraska State Constitution: A Reference Guide, 2nd edition 433pp., University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln NE
  • Nebraska’s 150th birthday is today: Through good times and bad, state has persevered By David Hendee



  • University of Nebraska Foundation Noddle Award for Service, 2012
  • Leslie Hewes Award Best Social Science Article, Great Plains Research Journal 2012 (with Joan Blauwkamp)