Obesity Intervention and Service-Learning

Teaching & Engagement, 2017


In an effort to combat the epidemic of rural pediatric obesity, Peru State College and the University of Nebraska at Omaha, in partnership with rural stakeholders, seek to develop a new service-learning course for undergraduates. The course will introduce post-secondary students to service-learning and the prevalence of overweight and obesity in rural areas. It will also seek to engage existing and new partnerships with community-based organizations for students’ service-learning. Finally, contributors hope the course will instill in undergraduate students a sense of civic commitment that they will carry with them following college.


A service learning course was offered for the first time during the spring semester of 2018. ServeNebraska and Americorp volunteers provided training to the 11 undergraduate students who enrolled in the course. The 11 undergraduates contributed over 1,000 volunteer hours throughout the course of the semester, serving three afterschool programs which engaged 428 elementary and middle school students. The programs involved both physical and educational activities. Through leading the afterschool programs, the undergraduate students achieved a greater understanding of community-based interventions and implementing change with regards to pediatric obesity.

Project Team



Contact: Danae Dinkel, dmdinkel@unomaha.edu