November 14, 2019

Tri-Cities Insights

Nebraska Thriving Index insights for the Tri-Cities region now available! See how this region earned the second-highest thriving index of all Nebraska regions at 136 AND a first-place ranking among its 7 comparison regions.

The Tri-Cities Region outpaces its peer regions in the Growth Index, ranking: 1st in returns on wealth (dividends, interest, and rent income) and 2nd in growth in households with children.

The region does, however, face some challenges. Its lowest ranking is fifth of seven peers in the Education & Skills Index.

Drilling down via the online interactive comparison tool, we see that although the Tri-Cities has healthy labor force participation rates, the region ranks significantly lower than peer regions for the measures: College attainment rate (4th of 7), High school attainment rate (5th of 7), Percent knowledge workers (5th of 7).