November 14, 2018

Bold Voice Episode 17

“I really have a passion for helping people,” says Sydney Armbruster, a senior disease and human health major at Peru State College from Fall City, Neb., at 13:53 in Episode 17 of the Rural Futures Podcast.

Listen where you get your podcasts and VIA LINK IN BIO! . Expecting to be placed in a #rural community through RFI Student Serviceship in 2018, Sydney was surprised to learn she would spend her summer in Omaha, Neb., with the Omaha Municipal Land Bank. “Once I got to Omaha, I learned a whole new world that joined housing and healthcare,” she says.

“It made me grow as a person and will definitely shape how I practice medicine in the future.” she says of her RFI Serviceship experience. “It definitely opened my horizons to what the world has to offer and how many people are working for positive change in the world today.”