Marie Meis


Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication and Journalism

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

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2020 Community: Pierce County

Focus: Community Marketing, Resident Retention and Recruitment

The main focus of this project will be to market Pierce County. Students will help market the county by creating social media videos, blog posts, improve county websites, and create mini commercials and other marketing methods. A community impressions survey will be developed for each community. A secondary project will provide assistance to Plainview in establishing a networking/co-share space in a former community building.

Students: Judith GreyMarie Meis
Innovators: Chad AndersonSusan Norris

Sponsored By: Pierce County Economic Development

Why did you choose the Fellowship Program?

I love rural Nebraska, and I’m beyond excited to live and work in a community for a whole summer. I love taking on projects, and I feel like this program will benefit me greatly. I hope I can give back in a meaningful way.

What do you hope to gain?

I want to live, work and socialize in a new community where I can expand my network, learn new skills and help the community.

Why is it important that students develop inclusive leadership development?

Inclusive leadership is so vital in any organization. The concepts and practices can be applied in so many ways, and students can use those during their summer but always carry it with them afterwards.

Why should students work in rural communities?

There is nothing like the experience of being totally immersed in a community. There is so much more to see, and I hope I can learn more about what it takes to keep a rural community surviving.

Why is it important students give back to Nebraska?

In my time in a small school and in various organizations, I’ve learned things don’t happen unless people step up. Each person has a responsibility to serve and give back and what better place to start than locally.

What new opportunities exist today to help move rural communities forward? What are your ideas?

Each community has different things that makes it unique and exciting. Capitalizing on those strengths and making them even better can provide a place people want to visit and even live in.