March 25, 2019

Episode 24

Before we release Episode 25 of the Rural Futures Podcast tomorrow– make sure to catch up on Episode 24 where University of Nebraska-Lincoln alum and Marketing Strategist at Verizon, Emily Murtaugh discusses topics ranging from 5G to mental health in the workplace to selfless leadership and even explaining futurist terms like neurodiversity 💥
Emily’s greatest pride in her leadership career was when she was in college and ran for president of the Student Alumni Association for the second time after already being president the previous year. Her mentee ran against her and ended up winning altogether. She said that some people might think of that as a loss, but in her mind that was the best way to end her time as president–knowing she had a role in making someone exceed her own abilities and become a great leader. “I think that’s the ultimate kind of success,” Emily said, “as far as leadership is concerned.”