March 13, 2019

Dr. Helen Fagan

It’s Day 3 of Universal Women’s Week and today we’re featuring Dr. Helen Fagan who is our Director of Leadership Engagement and Diversity Inclusion Dr. Fagan is also an Assistant Professor of Practice in Leadership Engagement at UNL, a qualified Executive Coach and CEO and Founder of Global Leadership Group– that’s right she can do it all💥

Dr. Fagan’s life story is incredible, she has overcome so much adversity and hardship yet her radiant, joyful personality is contagious 🌟She uses her story to lead, inform and warn others of the dangers of individual bias and how we can create an inclusive community and develop inclusive leaders 💪

One of the most influential phrases we’ve heard Dr. Fagan say is “To be an inclusive leader, it’s important to be the kind of person who might not completely understand but has the open-mindedness 🧠 and willingness to learn.” Happy Universal Women’s Week Dr. Fagan 💚and thank you for all that you do for the University, RFI and for anyone who has had the opportunity to meet you.