March 12, 2019

Katelyn Ideus Info

It’s day ✌️of Universal Women’s Week and today we’re celebrating our Director of Communications and Public Relations, @katelyn.ideus! Put simply, Katelyn can do it all, she’s the rock of RFI, and we wouldn’t be able to function without her. 💚

Because Katelyn lives in rural Nebraska (to be close to Ideus Farms’, which her husband helps operate), she brings her rural living experience to work each day and always seems to know what our listeners want to hear. 🎧

Like Dr. Connie, Katelyn is a supermom — her calendar is full of work meetings, kid’s activities and more, but we see Katelyn plug away at everything with so much determination and grace. These days, Katelyn is home taking care of her beautiful newborn baby (No. 3!), yet somehow she she still makes sure to keep us all on track. 💪 Happy Universal Women’s week to the most selfless, hardworking and loving member of the team — we’re so grateful for you Katelyn! 💖✨