Maddie Miller

  • Hometown: Waverly, NE
  • Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Major: Hospitality, Restaurant & Tourism Management
  • Serviceship Community: Seward, NE

Why did you pursue RFI’s Student Serviceship experience?
I pursued this internship because I know it’s a good program, and I really wanted to get outside of my comfort zone and live in a new community. I also want to grow my leadership skills.

What do you hope to learn and how do you hope to be different from this experience?
I hope to be a more effective leader and to gain more leadership skills. I also want to come away with a new perspective of my community and how to be a better leader within any community or workplace. I also hope to learn more about how to start community projects and how to effectively plan and complete each project.

What is your favorite aspect of Nebraska?
My favorite aspect of Nebraska is our friendliness and hospitality. No matter where you go, there will always be someone there to help you or offer a warm welcome.