Leanne Gamet

  • Hometown: Paxton, NE
  • Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Major: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication
  • Serviceship Community: Broken Bow, NE

Why did you pursue RFI’s Student Serviceship experience?
This opportunity was so different than anything else offered. I chose to pursue this Serviceship because I knew it would make me grow as a person, but still allow me to work as a team. I loved the idea of being immersed in a new community and being pushed out of my comfort zone.

What do you hope to learn and how do you hope to be different from this experience?
I really hope to learn more about community development and making goals that a bigger population wants to work toward. After this experience, I hope to have more confidence in myself as well as the decisions that I choose in tougher situations.

What is your favorite aspect of Nebraska?
I love the sense of community that I get in any town in Nebraska. Even moving to Lincoln for college, I felt the same ‘homey’ feel that I did in my hometown. The expression ‘Nebraska Nice’ fits perfectly, as almost anyone you meet is kind and down-to-earth.