Kate Warner

Warner Real Estate and Warner Beef Genetics

Broker and Owner

Arapahoe, Neb.

Graduate of Colorado State University, Business Administration

2020 Experience

Focus: Economic and Community Development

The students will work on a variety of community and economic development projects. One goal is to connect local store fronts and homes with alumni and entrepreneurs. Students will also focus on a campaign to secure the passage of LB840 in the November election. Other projects will include building the new economic development organization through determining community and business needs, helping local businesses get an online presence, developing community marketing, and more.

Students: Aline Abayo, Megan Tofflemire
Peer: Angie Moore

Sponsored By: Arapahoe Economic Development, City of Arapahoe

Kate’s Nebraska Story

I moved to Nebraska in December 2008 after meeting my husband in Colorado, where I lived at the time. We were married 6 months after meeting and I moved to Arapahoe, NE to be with Dan and his two girls Gentry & Berkley. We have since added two boys as well to our family, Kallan & Creyton.

What do you hope to gain?

I hope to gain knowledge and resources in order to help our community grow with some help in the area of economic development. Hopefully I can contribute in helping make some new and exciting things happen in our area.

Why do you think it important community leaders have this type of experience in terms of inclusive leadership development?

I believe we can never have enough knowledge in terms of growing and developing as a leader. I think leadership development is crucial in order to continue to grow.

Why is this contribution of students from University of Nebraska significant to you and/or your community?

I believe NU students can bring some new and fresh ideas and  will have knowledge from a different perspective. I believe they can contribute as the next generation, how they will want to live and work and what that future looks like for their generation. I think the support from NU statewide through this program says a lot NU caring for the success of all communities. Success for the larger cities of Lincoln & Omaha to the importance of helping the small rural towns on the west side of the state to grow and be successful as well.

Why is rural important?

I don’t think the urban areas, not only in Nebraska but across this country, realize how important agriculture is for this country. The amount of food produced in our country alone can feed millions of people each year. Our country has over 350 million people to feed and that doesn’t include the rest of the world. I don’t think people realize that agriculture drives most other businesses in the rural areas and agriculture has been in a very bad financial position for over 5 years now. This could be detrimental to our rural areas.

Why does now provide tremendous opportunity to move rural communities forward?

Now is always better than too late. This is a crucial time, especially after the hurt COVID has put on the economy. We need to find a way for more affordable housing in rural areas and to also find companies to recruit into our areas that may be interested in finding communities to relocate that is better for their employees as far as good schools for their kids, more affordable housing and a great way of life that our rural areas provide.