Jessica Weeder

  • Hometown: Albion, NE
  • Campus: University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • Major: Agribusiness
  • Serviceship Community: Broken Bow, NE

Why did you pursue RFI’s Student Serviceship experience?
I found RFI’s Student Serviceship experience to be very interesting to me because I like the idea of doing something valuable with my summer by helping a small town to grow and develop.

What do you hope to learn and how do you hope to be different from this experience?
I hope to use this experience to help me overcome challenges in the future. I hope to grow as a person in the sense that I am more open to different people and their different backgrounds. I hope I learn to think differently and come up with new solutions to problems.

What is your favorite aspect of Nebraska?
I love Nebraska for the people, wherever I have gone around Nebraska the people are incredibly understanding and nice and I think that shows our rural roots and makes us unique.