Episode 30: Rural maverick Janet Palmtag intersects product development, risk, housing


Janet Palmtag, an entrepreneur and rural maverick from Southeast Nebraska, is our featured guest this week. A real estate broker, Janet shares her insights into the rural housing crisis. She also shares her insights into bringing a product to market thanks to her recent creation of TubTool, a cleaning device for bathtubs and showers. Janet has been a leader and volunteer throughout her community for several years, so she tells it like it is when it comes to leadership from a company and community perspective.

“I’m confident that the leadership role will change in the future, as well. Because, it really is about people being engaged and empowered.”
Janet Palmtag

About Janet


Janet Palmtag is the founder of J.J. Palmtag, Inc. a real estate company, as well as Tubtool, LLC, a Nebraska start-up. She was born and raised in Nebraska and proudly serves her community and state through volunteerism. Janet describes herself as a futurist and learner who knows nothing can be done without a strong, diverse team. She thrives on collaboration. Janet enjoys reading, biking, hiking, writing and bee keeping. She also loves to listen to podcasts when walking. We sure hope she listens to this episode of Rural Futures with Dr. Connie!

Mentioned In This Episode


Bold Voices Student Segment

Katy Bagniewski, a senior studying agricultural and environmental sciences communication at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) — Listen at 13:27!

Originally from a rural hobby farm outside of Rochester, Minn., Bagniewski found her way to the University of Nebraska when in town for a sheep show.

For the past two years, she has worked at RFI as a storytelling intern, the production specialist of the podcast and the host of the Bold Voices student segment.

Her experience at RFI has opened her eyes to the challenges and opportunities in rural communities. “I’ve really become passionate about rural places since coming to Nebraska and starting at RFI,” she said.

She will be staying in Lincoln, Neb., following her graduation on May 4, 2019, to pursue multimedia communications and freelance videography. “There is truly no place like Nebraska,” she added.

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Show Notes

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