Episode 26: Entrepreneur Janell Anderson Ehrke intersects digital marketing, motivation, making rural cool




Janell Anderson Ehrke is Founder and CEO of GROW Nebraska, a non-profit marketing, training and technical assistance resource for Nebraska entrepreneurs. Through their work and Buy Nebraska website, Janell and her team boost the state’s economy at a national and global level. Their conferences, upcoming innovation center and grants in areas such as GoogleAdwords allow entrepreneurs to take advantage of today’s tools to grow beyond their rural geography.

Dr. Connie enjoyed hearing Janell’s background, which includes parents who were both entrepreneurs and four siblings who attended the University of Nebraska. Janell’s agricultural background led to her attitude: “Get out there and make it happen!” Janell’s daughter, Haley, was also a 2018 Rural Futures Institute Student Fellow!

“One of the most important things that I was taught is to just have a lot of persistence.“
Janell Anderson Ehrke
Founder and CEO, GROW Nebraska

About Janell


Founder of GROW Nebraska, Janell Anderson Ehrke loves social media marketing and is an entrepreneur enthusiast! She is a strong supporter for buying local and believes the internet has created an equal playing field for rural businesses. She is very focused and strongly believes entrepreneurs need to know now where they’re going and have a strong stated mission.

Janell lives on a farm in Orleans, Neb., with her husband Leon and has two children Haley and Parker. In addition to GROW Nebraska, she loves the cattle business.


Bold Voices Student Segment

 Haley Ehrke, a junior studying agribusiness and agricultural and environmental sciences communication at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, joins her mom as Episode 26’s Bold Voice – listen at 21:25!

Like her mother, Haley has a thriving entrepreneurial spirit with her own marketing company and cow herd. “Everyone can be an entrepreneur. It’s just a different point in life when you become one,” she said.

Haley was also a 2018 Rural Futures Institute Student Fellow in Alliance, Neb., serving Box Butte County to recruit and retain rural residents. “The Rural Futures Institute has really impacted my college experience in a magnitude of ways,” she said.

She has a real passion for rural communities, saying, “Rural is not dying. It is thriving!”

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Show Notes

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