Episode 23: Japan Society’s Betty Borden intersects rural challenges, entrepreneurship, innovation




Director of the Japan Society Innovators Network, Betty Borden is a rural innovator sparking global change. She coordinates projects that connect Japanese and American mavericks to exchange solutions on some shared grand challenges, recently in the area of rural economic and community revitalization.

Betty discovered Dr. Connie and the Rural Futures Institute through a Google search inquiring into the most future-focused, strategic solutions for rural thriving. In this conversation they dig into more than a year of work that has brought them together across the world and includes creative solutions around recruitment and retention of residents, sparking female entrepreneurship, rethinking the rural-urban opportunities of agriculture and food production and, of course, the evolution of leadership.

“What we’re looking for are people who have the ability to look at a challenge in a new way that can have tremendous impact in a particular community.“
Betty Borden
Director, Innovators Network, Japan Society

About Betty


Betty Borden is the Director of the Innovators Network of Japan Society in New York City. The Network is a unique collaborative program that brings together creative Japanese and Americans who are pursuing innovative and often groundbreaking ideas to improve their communities and society. It provides opportunities for leaders to build enduring relationships, learn from each other, inspire each other and collaborate.


Bold Voices Student Segment

Hunter Traynor, Student Regent and Student Body President at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. — Listen at 8:48!

The Nebraska native is studying Political Science and will attend the University of Nebraska College of Law following his graduation in May. He is a natural leader who enjoys keeping a full plate and working with as many people as he can. “Leadership is the art of inspiring others to want to struggle for shared aspirations,” he said.

“I have been able to articulate a grand vision for what the organization currently is and what it should and could be in the future,” Traynor said of the Association of Students at the University of Nebraska, the governing student body at UNL. “And, then I need to convince everyone around us that it’s worth the time, effort and energy to struggle to achieve that vision,” he continued.

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Show Notes