Emma Hoffschneider

Communications & Public Relations
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

2020 Community: Auburn, Nemaha County

Focus: Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Workforce Training

The primary project will involve creating a great marketing and research effort with a strong community campaign to secure passage of LB840, the local option municipal economic development act that authorizes incorporated cities to collect and appropriate local tax dollars for economic development purposes. Additional projects will include entrepreneurship, coding camp and mobile STEM lab promotion, business recruitment and workforce training.

Students: Brittney EmersonEmma Hoffschneider
Innovators: Julia OestmannKim Beger

Sponsored By: Auburn Development Council, Nemaha County Development Foundation Fund, Nemaha County Hospital

Why did you choose the Fellowship Program?

I chose this experience for the opportunity to make a positive impact in a rural community similar to the one where I was raised. I have experienced first hand the incredible things rural communities can do if they are given a chance. To be given the opportunity to help rural communities reach their full potential is priceless. Ultimately, my strong passion for rural America and helping others led me too this life changing experience.

What do you hope to gain?

After my summer as a RFI Fellow I hope to have strengthened my leadership abilities, continued to develop my networking abilities, helped others realize their potential, and continued to learn and grow as an inclusive leader.

Why is it important that students develop inclusive leadership development?

It is important for students to have this type of experience in terms of inclusive leadership development because of the personal growth each fellow will experience this summer. Inclusive leadership is a valuable skill for students to possess. In our future professional careers we will need to have the ability to work with a large amount of people who come from different backgrounds, have opposing views or approach tasks differently than us. This type of experience lets student fellows have the opportunity to strengthen and fine tune their inclusive leadership so we will be prepared for our future careers.

Why should students work in rural communities?

Personally, having this experience in a rural community allows me to see the challenges my own community has faced. By allowing students to live and work in a rural community, RFI is giving us an inside look to our potential future life. Personally, I hope to someday live in a rural community. By being a summer fellow with RFI, I am gaining the necessary skill set I will need to succeed in my future community. Having this type of experience is critical because it not only allows us a chance to make a positive impact, but it allows us to create valuable connections and build career-strengthening skills, things we will need in every aspect of our future life and career.

Why is it important students give back to Nebraska?

Service is a critical part of every community in Nebraska. As students, we have often times had the help of others in our daily lives, whether that is the support of our community in our activities or academic endeavors. It is crucial for students to give back to Nebraska because we need to ensure future generations will have the same opportunities as we did. Giving back to Nebraska ensures the continuation of meaningful growth in all of its communities. As we continue to grow and learn as individuals we need to share our talents with our communities so they will be able to continue to grow and prosper.

What new opportunities exist today to help move rural communities forward? What are your ideas?

In today’s world people are becoming more and more creative in everything they do. Now provides the perfect opportunity to move rural communities forward because people are more adept at thinking outside of the box. Personally, I hope to move smaller communities forward by helping them realize their own uniqueness and how to use it for their benefit.