Donald Macke

Community Innovation Fellow

Senior Vice President of LOCUS Impact Investing



Don has more than 40 years of community economic development field experience working throughout North America and the Caribbean. Throughout the years Don’s work has varied between public service ranging from Unicameral staff to serving in the Nelson Administration, to both for-profit and non-profit consulting. Don’s four decades of rural community economic development field experience throughout the continent are widely recognized in programs like e2 University & National Conference.


  • Master’s degree, regional economics

Research Interests

  • Community Engagement
  • Entrepreneur Focused Development
  • Community Philanthropy Development
  • Impact Investing


  • Award for Overall Excellence in Economic Development, Arthur D. Little and the International Economic Development Council
  • Group Honor Award for Excellence, U.S. Department of Agriculture
    The Ron Shaffer Award for Collaborative Leadership


  • Community philanthropy
  • Entrepreneur focus development
  • Community engagement


  • Power Grant, Appalachian Regional Commission
  • We typically do not receive grants. Payment for services.