Connie Reimers-Hild, Ph.D.

Interim Executive Director & Chief Futurist

Researcher, entrepreneur and high-touch futurist, Connie Reimers-Hild, Ph.D., CPC, helps leaders and organizations reach their desired futures through strengths-based innovation and strategic foresight. She currently serves as Interim Executive Director of the Rural Futures Institute at the University of Nebraska, assuming the role in July 2018, to purposefully carrying forward her mission with business, hospital and community leaders around the globe. She joined RFI as Associate Executive Director and Chief Futurist in May 2015. She also hosts the Rural Futures podcast.

Dr. Connie is the founder of Wild Innovation, a consulting and coaching firm serving organizations from both the private and public sectors. Clients range from rural hospitals in Nebraska to remote villages in Nigeria and include a small business with a $22 million annual footprint as well as global organizations like Lockheed Martin.

Dr. Connie’s research, experiences and education in both the hard and human sciences allow her to see how our exponentially high-tech world must balance with a high-touch, strengths-based approach to leadership and life—we must explore the intersections of science fiction and what it means to be human.

This realization helped Dr. Connie create and empirically test, A Framework for the Entrepreneurial Learner of the 21st Century, which earned a Best Paper award at the Distance Learning Administration Conference in 2005. The findings of her groundbreaking research revealed that personal fulfillment influenced learners’ motivation to succeed in the online environment. Data from her research also revealed that individuals need to define success for themselves in order to tap into their sense of personal fulfillment.

A unique combination of empirical research and practical experience enabled Dr. Connie to develop keynotes, workshops, publications and coaching resources designed to foster a purpose-driven, strengths-based entrepreneurial spirit in individuals, teams and organizations with an emphasis on future-focused leadership. She has authored or co-authored 55 publications, 10 workbooks, six videos, six coaching tools, three books and one book chapter. In total, her digital publications have been downloaded by 3,300 institutions more than 70,000 times throughout 175 countries. She has also taught more than 25,000 learners from around the world. Her coaching and consulting has helped more than 70 clients grow their businesses and lives with a focus on strengths, futuring, personal fulfillment and fun.

As Dr. Connie continues to study the future, she has become curious about women in midlife. Why? Women in midlife often go unrecognized and unrewarded but may be the leaders and entrepreneurs needed to help solve grand challenges like workforce shortages in rural healthcare. Connie holds a doctorate in human sciences with a focus on leadership studies, a master’s degree in entomology and a bachelor’s degree in natural resources. She also holds a Certificate in Strategic Foresight from the University of Houston, a Certified Professional Coach designation from the International Coach Academy and a Strengths Coaching Certification through Gallup.

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