Catch Up With Chuck Wraps Up Episode 30 with RFI Communications Team

Jun. 15, 2018

In the final episode of Catch Up With Chuck, Chuck is joined by show producer and RFI Director of Communications Katelyn Ideus as well as show production specialist and RFI communications intern Kathryn Bagniewski to discuss the goals and results of the show.

Katelyn graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Journalism & Mass Communications with a bachelor’s in news editorial and broadcast journalism and a master’s in integrated media communications. As the Director of Communications and Public Relations for the Rural Futures Institute, Katelyn develops the strategic communications plan for the institute, delivering stories about the successes earned, innovations created and solutions found by rural communities around the world. She also shares the University of Nebraska’s research, resources and expertise for these communities.

Kathryn will enter her fourth year as an agricultural and environmental sciences communication major at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in August. Kathryn, a rural Minnesota native, has a passion for elevating voices around social justice issues through multimedia content. She passionately tells the story of the Rural Futures Institute and rural communities throughout Nebraska and beyond because she believes that viewing rural challenges, issues and opportunities as a social justice concern is important.


Rural roots aren’t needed in order to care about rural places, because rural and urban collaboration starts with a collaboration of thought.


Communications Intern, Rural Futures Institute

The Rural Futures Institute’s purpose is to bring together the RFI nexus of students, faculty researchers and community leaders on critical topics for rural communities. According to Katelyn, producing a Facebook Live show made the most sense for giving Chuck a platform to utilize his speaking talents and energy to discuss important rural topics weekly with great convenience.

Through Catch Up With Chuck, the Rural Futures Institute earned nearly 80,000 minutes of viewing time and more than 100,000 unique viewers. The RFI team built great relationships with the show’s guests and created a wide body of work from which additional insights can be pulled.


The real goal of Catch Up With Chuck was to be able to pull together the RFI nexus, faculty researchers, students and community leaders, in a way that was really comfortable and conversational.


Director of Communications, Rural Futures Institute

The success of Catch Up With Chuck can be attributed to the RFI team, engaging guests and viewers of the show. All 30 episodes will remain available on the RFI Facebook page and at for the foreseeable future.

The Rural Futures Institute recently launched “Rural Futures with Dr. Connie,” a podcast exploring the intersections of technology and what it means to be human as our high-tech, globalized world continues to collide with the values, principles and ethics of humanity. Join Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild, associate executive director and chief futurist at RFI, and her guests who are smashing barriers for the sake of a thriving rural-urban future as they dive into the currently polarizing narratives of the rural-urban divide, technology development and the future of work on this weekly podcast. Listen on iTunes, Stitcher and more; like, subscribe and rate if you get hooked!


Catch Up With Chuck is Facebook Live series with Rural Futures Institute Founding Executive Director Chuck Schroeder. Airing most Thursdays at 11:15 a.m. (CST) on RFI’s Facebook Page, Chuck uses this time to discuss critical rural topics and the latest about RFI while answering viewers’ questions. Stay in touch with Catch Up With Chuck and the Rural Futures Institute through Facebook and Twitter. We will be back soon with another episode looking at rural people and places, success stories, innovators, thinkers and doers who are making rural communities a legitimate best choice for worthwhile living.