Catch Up With Chuck Episode 29 Impacting Rural through Scholarship with RFI Fellow Jessica Shoemaker


Jun. 8, 2018

Joining us for this week’s episode of Catch Up With Chuck is RFI Faculty Fellow Jessica Shoemaker, J.D., a distinguished scholar and associate professor of law for the University of Nebraska College of Law, who combines scholarship and passion to impact rural people and places.

Prior to joining the University of Nebraska, she served as a judicial clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, spent two years at a national non-profit law firm devoted to advocacy around systematic legal issues affecting rural communities and then spent five years at an international law firm in Denver, working in nearly every phase of dispute resolution in many different courts.

Shoemaker joined the University of Nebraska College of Law faculty in 2012 and was recently appointed associate professorship in 2017. She says that the work of the Rural Futures Institute helped her make the decision to come to Nebraska, as rural issues are ones she is particularly passionate about.

“Thinking about the future of rural places is intellectually and academically such a stimulating and complicated question given the rapid change that we’re experiencing.”

– Jessica Shoemaker, J.D.


Besides being a distinguished scholar and professor, Shoemaker is also a dedicated mother raising her family in a very rural Nebraska environment. Echoing RFI’s belief statements, she believes that rural communities are great places for families to thrive.


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