Catch Up With Chuck Episode 22 Crossing Cultural Divides To Create Community with Gladys Godinez of Lexington


Apr. 13, 2018

In this episode, Chuck is joined by Gladys Godinez, a community leader in rural Lexington, Neb., to discuss the work of a committed leadership team in her community to build a welcoming and inclusive space for health, education and a thriving rural future.

Through HealthVoiceVision, a 2016 RFI-funded project, researchers, community participants and students address an important gap in our understanding of local health by providing data at sub-county, community-specific levels with their work in Lexington, Neb., a community with one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the state.

The creation of a cost-effective and accurate means for uncovering health inequalities in rapidly changing, ethnically diverse small communities in the Midwest will lead the way to more accurate health interventions within these communities. Godinez hopes to open a free clinic in Lexington to serve limited income individuals in the rural community.

Godinez was one of the community participants in HealthVisionVoice. She was drawn back to Lexington after seeing how she could help in welcoming, accepting and encouraging its diverse community.

“I think Lexington has so much to offer. We have a little world within Nebraska.”

-Gladys Godinez


One of the Rural Futures Institute‘s core beliefs is that people have the capacity to determine their own future. The past is not necessarily prologue when people of character are willing to make choices that will change the course of their community, and eventually the world. Godinez is a living example of this belief.


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