Catch Up With Chuck Episode 19 Developing Student Potential with RFI Fellow Reshell Ray


Mar. 22, 2018

Joining Chuck in this week’s episode of Catch Up With Chuck is RFI Community Innovation Fellow Reshell Ray, who serves as the Associate Director of Student Involvement on East Campus at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

In this role, Ray bridges the gap between the academic and co-curricular experiences for students. She has a heart for people, especially those who are considered to be at risk, and she works to help individuals develop their full potential building on their strength and talents.

Prior to this role, Ray served as a consulting associate with the Heartland Center for Leadership Development where she worked with grassroots community organizations in the areas of strategic planning, capacity building, leadership and racial reconciliation. Most recently, she collaborated with the Center for Civic Engagement, Engler Entrepreneurial program and Nebraska Human Resources Institute to develop what is now RFI Student Serviceship.

“Collaboration is so vital because none of us can resolve things in a bubble. So, being able to create that connection between urban and rural is really important and very critical as we continue to move forward.”

-Reshell Ray


The Rural Futures Institute believes that diverse and inclusive leadership is needed to propel rural communities forward. Ray agrees that diversity and respect is necessary in leadership and participation to develop a community.

Ray agrees with the Rural Futures Institute’s belief that our complex future requires mutual respect and collaboration between rural and urban regions and communities. Ray believes that the success of Nebraska is dependent on collaboration between urban and rural. She believes it is important to recognize the connections and interdependence between urban and rural communities to resolve issues and move forward collectively.

“I can honestly say there is no place like Nebraska,” said Ray. She values the relationships she has built with students on a one-on-one basis while developing their individual potential at the University of Nebraska.


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