Catch Up With Chuck Episode 10 Entrepreneurship in the Rural Future with RFI Fellow Robert Stowell


Jan. 18, 2018

Joining Chuck in this week’s episode of Catch Up With Chuck is RFI Community Innovation Fellow Robert Stowell, J.D., founding member of Stowell & Geweke, PC, LLO. Since opening his law practice in Ord, Neb., in 1972, Stowell has been a driving force in entrepreneurship, community engagement and economic development in Ord.

Rural communities are important to Stowell. He grew up in a thriving rural area in Valley County, Neb. After leaving when he was 17 years old, he and his wife decided to move back and raise their children in a rural environment.

Stowell shares RFI’s belief in people’s capacity to shape their own futures. He agrees that community development in rural places depends on the people rather than the location, demographics or history. Over time, Stowell decided that a widespread investment in the leadership capacity of area residents would be key to the long term vitality of not only Ord, but Valley County as well.

Community development is not a simple task, and Stowell has the needed grit to accomplish great things in rural communities. One of RFI’s core values is hopeful grit, and we value courageous determination and passionate confidence.

“It takes some grit and a little thick skin, but if we just keep our eye on the ball, if we just keep our eye on the goal, it is worth it.”

-Robert Stowell, J.D.


In order for the future of rural America to thrive, Stowell believes it is important for the older generations to create opportunities and develop leadership skills in the younger people in rural areas.


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