Bradley Schoch

  • Hometown: Marquette, NE
  • Campus: University of Nebraska at Kearney
  • Major: Exercise Science
  • Serviceship Community: McCook THETA

Why did you pursue RFI’s Student Serviceship experience?
I think the RFI Student Serviceship is an amazing opportunity and something that I can relate to. Having grown up in a rural community, I understand what opportunities like these mean, especially to these communities.

What do you hope to learn and how do you hope to be different from this experience? 
I hope to gain experience working in a rural community other than where I grew up. I hope this experience will eventually be able to be put to good use in my future career.

What is your favorite aspect of Nebraska?
My favorite aspect of Nebraska is the people. Husker nation is a very special place with people that you can’t find anywhere else. A person doesn’t have to look very far to find a helping hand here in Nebraska.