Art at Cedar Point

Teaching & Engagement, 2016


Art at Cedar Point is a transdisciplinary program that blends art and science through undergraduate field courses and artist residencies at Cedar Point Biological Station in western Nebraska. This innovative project allows students to experience the unique ecosystems and communities of rural western Nebraska and showcases the potential for artists working in rural areas by developing the only Artist in Residence program in the region. Get more details >


The original project of Art at Cedar Point has developed into a multifaceted and cross disciplinary art experience through programming for art students, children, professional artists and rural communities in Western Nebraska.  This unique collaboration between the UNL School of Art, Art History & Design, the UNL Biological Sciences Cedar Point Biological Research Station, and the Ogallala Public Schools is strong and will be sustained beyond the scope of our Rural Futures Teaching and Engagement grant. We have been fortunate through the grant period of 2 years in developing these relationships for creating new visual art and creative writing by artists at all levels, from throughout the region, held among the science researchers and students at CPBS, which gives evidence of shared interests in nature and place, creative interpretation and problem solving, current ecological issues, and experiential learning.

Hannah Demma, program coordinator, continues to develop the web materials for the program on the UNL website and on social media; she actively recruited students for the summer 2018 academic class with classroom visits, PowerPoint presentations, and personal communications; she coordinated and promoted the Artist in Residence program and established the scheduling and communication with 11 artists and writers for summer 2018; she was on site at CPBS in June 2018 to launch the Art Adventure Summer camp for area children, and to coordinate with the student teachers. She works directly with Professor Kunc, and CPBS Director Jon Garbisch to coordinate the student and AiR information, the summer camp, and for schedule planning. Demma continued to build local networks while on site in 2018, to discover how Art at Cedar Point can be responsive and valuable to the community, as well as sustainable over the long term.

UNL Professor of Art Santiago Cal taught ARTP 383, June 4-15, an upper-level studio art course: Making Your Mark: The Figure in Nature, from Prehistory to Today. Ten undergraduate students attended an intensive, two-week field course and explored artistic depictions of the figure in and on nature, as well as human impact onto nature. The students used a variety of processes, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and performance, to create works of art that investigated the subject in context to nature and place. Professor Cal engaged and coordinated field trips, critiques, slide presentations, group and individual discussions. Students participants were from a variety of majors: art, biochemistry, Spanish, philosophy, special education, journalism. Student enrollment was greatly enhanced also by the Baxa scholarship opportunity through CPBS. All students are eligible for this funding, through application, and 5 of the students did receive funding, covering their room & board costs.


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  • Virginia Tech University, Visiting Artist Lecture
    Art at Cedar Point
    2017 | Blacksburg, VA
  • Eureka! 2016 Nebraska Extension Conference
    Art at Cedar Point
    March 15-16, 2016 | Lincoln, NE
  • Joslyn Museum of Art, Artist Talk
    Art at Cedar Point
    2015 | Omaha, NE
  • Midwest Society for Photo Education Conference
    On Fruited Plains, Panel Discussion
    October 1-4, 2015 | Louisville, KY

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