April 29, 2019

Nebraska Thriving Index

It’s finals week for University of Nebraska 💥 and in the last month there have been so many exciting leadership opportunities for students! One of those opportunities was a research fair on Lincoln’s campus.

Three Bureau for Business Research Scholars at Nebraska College of Business have been working on a team led by Eric Thompson to develop the Nebraska Thriving Index 💪The single presenter is graduating senior Tim Paschal who looked at Statistical Matching for Benchmarking Analysis⚡️

The two presenters are Tommie Brechbill and Jordan Duffin Wong. Tommie is a graduating senior and Jordan will continue working next year on the Thriving Index project 👏 Their research titled “Examining Effects of Quality-of-Life Amenities on Population, Employment, and Income Growth” informed the creation of the Nebraska Thriving Index 💫