Andromede “Andy” Uwase


Integrated Science with Society and Environment Concentration

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

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2020 Community: Ravenna

Focus: Community and Economic Development, Community Marketing

Ravenna has a long list of projects the students will focus on, including organizing and running a Big Idea competition, research planning and fundraising for a bike and hike trail, and increasing civic engagement by encouraging residents to subscribe to a community texting notification service to receive community updates via text messaging. In addition, students will use existing and new photographs and video to create marketing materials for the community.

Students: Connor McFaydenKori Siebert, Ethan Weiche
Innovators: Amber RossGena McPherson

Sponsored By: Ravenna Chamber of Commerce, Ravenna Economic Development Corporation

Why did you choose the Fellowship Program?

I chose this experience to get the opportunity to serve my community, work with them, listen to them and know what challenges they are facing and how we can find some solution together. Also, I chose this experience to develop my leadership skills, which includes communication and team work. Last but not least, I chose this experience to challenge myself and prepare for my future career. My goal is to work with people by working together to solve some issues. This experience is a great way of preparing myself to achieve that goal of serving the community in need.

What do you hope to gain?

I hope to grow as a leader. By working closely with the community, I hope to gain a better understanding of what needs to be done and make my contributions to solve problems. I hope to meet new people, build long lasting relationships with my fellow leaders, learn from them, and share my experiences as well. By working with people from different backgrounds and with diverse experience, it will improve my leadership skills.

Why is it important that students develop inclusive leadership development?

I dream of a world where everyone respect everyone’s uniqueness and differences and knows that everyone has to bring something unique in a group to achieve something bigger. Yes, inclusive leadership development is needed for everyone to be capable and welcoming leaders who provide the comfortable environment for everyone.

Why should students work in rural communities?

Rural communities play a big part in the economic development of the country and as the primary source of food. Students needs this type of experience to join forces with people in rural communities, help them to exploit their resources, learn from each other, and inspire each other.

Why is it important students give back to Nebraska?

As an international student, Nebraska has provided many things for me: I have education, new family and friends and opportunity to work on my future. It is important to give back to Nebraska because it gave us so much already.

What new opportunities exist today to help move rural communities forward? What are your ideas?

Rural communities have many opportunities to offer and exploit to develop. Now is the best time, with technology, higher education, and many people willing to work together. It would be better if we take advantage of all to develop and move rural communities forward.