Amber Ross

Ravenna Economic Development Corporation


Ravenna, Neb.

Graduate in Agribusiness from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln

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2020 Experience

Focus: Community and Economic Development, Community Marketing

Ravenna has a long list of projects the students will focus on, including organizing and running a Big Idea competition, research planning and fundraising for a bike and hike trail, and increasing civic engagement by encouraging residents to subscribe to a community texting notification service to receive community updates via text messaging. In addition, students will use existing and new photographs and video to create marketing materials for the community.

Students: Connor McFayden, Kori SiebertAndromede Uwase, Ethan Weiche
Innovators: Gena McPherson

Sponsored By: Ravenna Chamber of Commerce, Ravenna Economic Development Corporation

Amber’s Nebraska Story

Nebraska born and raised! Grew up in Callaway, moved to Lincoln for college, spent some time in various communities for my internships, now I’ve moved to Ravenna! Moved in December of 2019 and started working in January 2020.

What do you hope to gain?

I hope to increase my understanding of others. That will help me be a better leader and be more inclusive to those around me.

Why do you think it important community leaders have this type of experience in terms of inclusive leadership development?

The world as a whole, but specifically Nebraska, is changing very quickly. The world is more connected now than it ever has been. Communities need to embrace that change. The training will help community leaders down that path.

Why is this contribution of students from the university significant to you and your community?

The fact that the University of Nebraska through the Rural Futures Institute wants to connect with rural communities is awesome! Students always have such a fresh perspective on various challenges. Having them share their thoughts and ideas lead to such innovative projects and solutions.

Why is rural important?

Rural communities are the backbone of this nation. Things always start small; from concerts to organizations, banks to hotels. Things that start small can always become great. I believe the same for rural. Communities that are small can always become great.

Why does now provide tremendous opportunity to move rural communities forward?

As communities of all sizes are changing demographically rural communities will have the opportunity to entice people to move out of larger growing cities.