Amanda Most


Agricultural Education-Leadership
Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

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2020 Community: Wahooa

Focus: Civic Engagement, Communications

The students will work to identify and develop a comprehensive communications plan that focuses on city, healthcare and civic outreach and engagement. Students will identify and engage diverse emerging leaders in civic and healthcare related efforts. In addition, students will assist with final prep and execution of the 150th Sesquicentennial Celebration that will be held June 26-28 in Wahoo. Assistance with community engagement efforts will be pursued by creating surveys, conducting focus groups, etc.

Peers: Savannah GerlachOscaline Usanase
Innovators: Theresa KleinMelissa Harrell

Sponsored By: Wahoo Chamber and Economic Development, Saunders Medical Center, City of Wahoo

Why did you choose the Fellowship Program?

I am grateful for my roots tied to agriculture and rural Nebraska, and I am passionate about keeping rural areas alive and thriving. I hope to work in a rural area upon graduating from college, so the Rural Futures Institute is the perfect opportunity for me to gain a variety of experiences that will benefit my future.

What do you hope to gain?

I hope to gain valuable knowledge and skills in many areas of rural development that will benefit my future career and establish important connections and relationships within my placement community.

Why is it important that students develop inclusive leadership development?

Exposing students to new experiences, people and lifestyles helps them gain new perspectives and be challenged to think differently. This builds leaders who are better equipped to solve the world’s challenges.

Why should students work in rural communities?

Being immersed in a rural community creates an appreciation for a simpler lifestyle. There may be fewer shopping and restaurant choices, but there is a lot of value and much to be gained from living in a rural community.

Why is it important students give back to Nebraska?

Giving back to our state shows an appreciation for what it has given us thus far in life, but it also shows our desire and dedication to continue working to improve the Good Life.

What new opportunities exist today to help move rural communities forward? What are your ideas?

Although they may be overlooked to some, I believe rural communities are on the rise. People are realizing the value of handmade, family-owned and locally grown. To help move smaller communities forward, it is my dream to create a marketing tool for rural areas. By spreading the word and making rural communities accessible to others, they will be able to thrive.