Nebraska Thriving Index Insights: Northeast Region

Nebraska Thriving Index Northeast Region, Wayne

Today we explore Nebraska’s Northeast region through the Nebraska Thriving Index. The region’s thriving index score is 103 — just above the peer average of 100. It ranks 3rd among its six peer regions, all of which are located in Nebraska and Iowa.

Highlights for this region are its 2nd-place rankings among its peer regions in the following indexes:

  • Growth
  • Other Prosperity
  • Social Capital

Drilling into the measures that comprise each of these indexes via the online interactive tool, we find:

  • Private wage growth – 1st among peers
  • Total employment growth – 2nd among peers
  • Private employment – 2nd among peers
  • Growth in dividends, interest and rent – 2nd among peers
  • Total personal income stability – 2nd among peers

These findings indicate there is solid economic growth in the Northeast region. However, to ensure long-term growth, the region should take steps to improve quality of life and the education and skill of its workforce.  

We also find some interesting opportunities for the region to double down on its strengths by improving in the following measures that comprise the growth, other prosperity and social capital indexes:

  • 501c3 organizations – 6th (last) among peer regions
  • Percent of population in poverty – 5th among peer regions
  • Households with children – 4th among peer regions

Areas of concern for the Northeast region include the following indexes:

  • Economic Opportunity & Diversity – 5th among peers
  • Quality of Life – 5th among peers

Broadly speaking, the region ranks poorly for entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. The economic opportunity and diversity measures include:

  • Entrepreneurial activity – 5th among peers
  • Non-farm proprietors per 1,000 persons – 5th among peers
  • Employer establishments per 1,000 residents – 5th among peers
  • Industry diversity – 4th among peers

Quality of life comparisons among peers are fairly strong in natural resources and arts — even leading in count of parks. However, there are explicit concerns in:

  • Health care access (practioners per capita) – 6th (last) among peers
  • Daycare providers – 6th (last) among peers
  • Relative weekly wage – 6th (last) among peers

In considering the many factors gathered through the Nebraska Thriving Index, communities in the region should continue to focus on:

  • Improving the quality of local education institutions at the primary, secondary and community college level. 
  • Business internship programs to encourage more college graduates to locate or relocate to the region after graduation
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship in industries related to quality of life including health care, child care, restaurants and leisure and entertainment

To learn more, dig in yourself at We encourage users to submit insights, questions and examples of strategies they’ve employed to address what has been discussed here.

October 17, 2019

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The best professional development of her career >>>
A life-changing, perspective altering experience >>>
These are just a few of the outcomes of Rural Futures Institute Fellows — what will be yours?

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