March 27, 2019

Episode 25 Bold Voice

“I’m really lucky enough to be working with some of the best and brightest students on our campus, serving as the Student Body President and Student Regent,” says Aurora, Neb., native Logan Krejdl. — Listen at 11:08!

Krejdl, a UNK senior studying business administration and sports management, digs deep into his personal philosophy, the future of leadership and the high-touch importance of relationships and communication.

March 26, 2019

Episode 25

Episode 25 of the Rural Futures Podcast is LIVE 🌟Listen to Dr. Connie and guest Dr. Aaron Yoder, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental, Agricultural & Occupational Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center discuss drone policy, leadership and the evolution of humanity with technology 💥

Aaron’s background, which includes advancing the tech transfer of Microsoft wearables for Ebola virus protection to agricultural heat illness, allows him to bring a unique perspective and forward thinking to what exactly involves the future of work 🤔

UNK Student Body President, Student Regent appears on Rural Futures Podcast Episode 25


March 27, 2019 — “I try to keep myself and my followers as focused and motivated as possible,” said Logan Krejdl, a senior studying Business Administration and Sports Management at the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK).

Krejdl shares his bold ideas and authentic experiences about leadership, integrity and rural-urban leadership during the Bold Voice student segment of Episode 25. This episode features Aaron Yoder, an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental, Agricultural & Occupational Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Neb. Listen at 11:08 across platforms — iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloudGoogle Play and Spotify.

A natural leader from Aurora, Neb., Krejdl is UNK’s Student Regent and Student Body President. “I’m really lucky enough to be working with some of the best and brightest students on our campus, serving as the Student Body President and Student Regent,” he said.

“I describe my leadership style as adaptable,” Krejdl said. Being able to get involved on UNK’s campus has given him a look into the kind of leader different organizations need. “Very rarely do I use the same leadership style in different organizations,” he continued.

“I really like the problem solving aspect that comes with leadership,” Krejdl said. Getting his hands dirty and working in the trenches to accomplish goals and make progress is an important part of leadership that he enjoys.

During the segment, Krejdl stressed the need for face-to-face communication and genuine relationships to balance the high-tech, high-touch future of leadership. He also emphasized the importance of making connections and networking during college.

He also shares part of his life philosophy which is centered on kindness, respect and love. “One of my biggest mottoes is just general kindness,” Krejdl said. “Loving people can go so much farther than anything else, and at the end of the day all we have is each other so be kind to everyone,” he continued.


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March 25, 2019

Episode 24

Before we release Episode 25 of the Rural Futures Podcast tomorrow– make sure to catch up on Episode 24 where University of Nebraska-Lincoln alum and Marketing Strategist at Verizon, Emily Murtaugh discusses topics ranging from 5G to mental health in the workplace to selfless leadership and even explaining futurist terms like neurodiversity 💥
Emily’s greatest pride in her leadership career was when she was in college and ran for president of the Student Alumni Association for the second time after already being president the previous year. Her mentee ran against her and ended up winning altogether. She said that some people might think of that as a loss, but in her mind that was the best way to end her time as president–knowing she had a role in making someone exceed her own abilities and become a great leader. “I think that’s the ultimate kind of success,” Emily said, “as far as leadership is concerned.”

March 19, 2019

Episode 24

What exactly is 5G? University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications alum Emily Murtaugh, marketing strategist at Verizon, explains in Episode 24!
She also speaks to the importance of being a selfless leader and the role of mental health in the workplace.
“5G is the next generation of this cellular, wireless technology, and it has really great potential to enhance networks speeds. It can increase speeds up to 100 times. The average is 20 times faster than 4G, and it can theoretically bring that speed, first and foremost, to your cell phone or wireless home internet connections instead of having to have fiber or broadband of some type.”

March 16, 2019

Forever #NebraskaStrong 💪
We are proud to call #Nebraska the home of the Rural Futures Institute and the people of Nebraska our closest colleagues and partners.
The #grit#determination and #perseverance of everyone working to stay safe and recover from the floods and blizzards across our state are a testament to why many #rural communities thrive here, and why Nebraska is the best home for an Institute convening innovators for a thriving rural future.💥
We are proud to be Nebraskans and share our state with the world. Thank you.

March 15, 2019

Theresa Klein

Last but certainly not least we’re celebrating our Executive Team and Rural Engagement member, Theresa Klein as we close out Universal Women’s Week 🌟Theresa’s grassroots leadership and experience adds a vital perspective to RFI’s executive team💥
For Theresa, family and friends are everything and her love for others is evident the moment you meet her. She and her husband raised their family west of Wahoo, near her family’s dairy farm, so her children would get to experience production agriculture and rural living.
Thank you for all that you do Theresa, your helpfulness and listening ear are always appreciated💚 Happy Universal Women’s Week!

March 14, 2019

Kim Peterson

It’s Day 4 of Universal Women’s Week and we’re featuring Kim Peterson, our Director of Competitive Awards and Finance! She has a bachelor’s degree in animal science🐴🔬and most recently has taken graduate courses for a degree in marketing, communication and advertising. Kim, we love seeing your determination 💪as you continue to progress your learning!
Kim handles so many day to day activities around the office and constantly keeps us in communication with each other, if we ever have an RFI-related question Kim is our go-to gal. She also keeps our website updated and error free and we are so grateful! Happy Universal Women’s Week Kim 💚

March 20, 2019

Episode 24 Bold Voice

“Any great company has good design,” says RFI Graphic Design Intern Kara Sloane. — Listen at 8:48!

The Omaha, Neb., native, a junior Graphic Design student in the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, digs into graphic design in rural, urban and beyond during her Bold Voices student segment.

Based on her experience as an RFI intern, Sloane shares her insights on graphic design in rural communities. “Rural holds a lot of potential that isn’t represented in its design,” she says. “In the future, if we represented rural in a more future-focused way that is more professional but exciting too, I feel like it would bring out this possibility,” she continues.