Quick Pitch Spotlight

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SUMBIT your quick pitch concept

Do you have a big idea? Here is your chance to pitch your idea, unique concept or RFI grant concept to a full house. This spotlight session will allow you the opportunity to develop an idea, pitch it, and identify others who may be interested in collaborating or partnering on the concept. You will also receive judges’ feedback and have a chance to win the quick pitch spotlight.


What is a quick pitch?

A quick pitch (sometimes known as an elevator speech) is a 3-minute action-oriented description of a big idea. In this case, the goal is to (1) persuade listeners that this idea adds value to rural people or places, and (2) engage the interest of the audience and spur them to support your idea.


Why participate in the quick pitch?

  1. Formulate or refine a big idea that could be submitted as an RFI grant or project.
  2. Connect with other individuals that may want to collaborate on your idea (i.e. communities, partner organizations, students, and faculty).
  3. A chance to win:
        • The judges will choose the top two pitches and they will receive a prize and free registration to the next Rural Futures Conference.
        • The most popular pitch, based on audience feedback, will receive a prize and free registration to the next Rural Futures Conference.


What information should be included?

An effective quick pitch should address the following questions:

  1. What is your big idea? What makes it bold and unique?
    Succinctly sell the unique value attribute(s) of the outcome your idea will generate and how it relates to the RFI (see RFI core values below). Do not go into excruciating detail.
  2. What do you need to execute your big idea? Who do you need to meet and network with to better develop your concept?
  3. Do you already have partners identified?

Additionally, those pitching are encouraged to have copies of a concept paper to give to interested partners.


How should a quick pitch sound?

  1. The speech should not sound memorized or robotic, but it should be well rehearsed and delivered with passion and clarity. If successful, it should paint a clear and vivid picture of how your idea will impact rural futures.
  2. Organized…precisely and concisely make your point. Remember, you only have three minutes.
  3. You should be excited about what you are pitching! Your audience should be able to hear the passion in your voice.


Rules & Guidelines

  1. Each person will have three minutes to pitch their idea to conference participants. When three minutes is reached, a timer will stop the pitch.
  2. Judges will score the pitch.
  3. Pitches may be made by individuals or two-person teams.
  4. PowerPoint may be used but will be limited to six slides.



Quick pitches will be judged by an at-large audience vote on the participant’s ability to succinctly convey their big idea that align with the core values of the RFI. The winner of the at-large vote will receive a free registration to the next Rural Futures Conference.

Following the contest, pitchers will have the opportunity to receive feedback from a panel of reactors. The reactors will be professionals from a variety of fields, and they will use the following judging criteria to base their evaluations: originality, alignment with RFI values, futuristic, concept feasibility, and presentation.


Dates & Deadlines

August 1 Quick pitch details released
October 11 Description of quick pitch concepts due
Concept descriptions are limited to 400 words and must submitted by 5 pm CST via ruralfutures.nebraska.edu/quickpitchentry
October 18 RFI announces selected quick pitch concepts*
October 28 Final PowerPoint slides due to RFI
November 4 Quick Pitch Spotlight at Rural Futures Conference

*If more pitches are submitted than time allows for, then pitches will be selected based on relevance and diversity. If time slots are still available at the conference, sign-up at the conference will be allowed on a first- come, first-served basis.



For questions about the Quick Pitch Spotlight, visit ruralfutures.nebraska.edu/conference or email ruralfutures@nebraska.edu.