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We harness the intellectual energy of the University of Nebraska and its partners to positively impact the future of humankind.




A thriving high-touch, high-tech future for rural Nebraska and the Great Plains by 2040.



RFI Nexus

We have determined that the central point
of innovation for the highly complex nature of rural communities is where students, faculty and communities connect. It is important to note that “students” refers to learners from secondary through adulthood; “faculty” refers to those within the University of Nebraska and beyond; and “communities” are not just localities, but also networked groups of people and communities
of practice.



Strategic Impact Areas

Convene to Create

Intentionally connect students, faculty and communities to stimulate discovery and innovation.

Contribute to the Future

Stimulate research and apply future-focused ideas and evidence-based practices designed to grow the body of knowledge.

Celebrate to Elevate

Share stories of successes and solutions from scholars, leaders, entrepreneurs and funders to elevate the value and voice of rural nationwide.



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Printable: 2017 Strategic Plan