A publication of the Rural Futures Institute (RFI) at the University of Nebraska that compiles the latest from the rural narrative and shares the voices of leaders, researchers and doers working on behalf of rural people and places.


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• Thank you, Chuck

• Thank you, Fellows

• Introducing the Rural Futures Podcast

• Journal Article: The future of rural health care staffing by Dr. Connie

• Welcome Dr. Helen Fagan


• Hosted by RFI, Microsoft GM, presents “Let’s Connect the World to Change the World!”

• RFI Discusses Rural-Urban Collaboration at Tufts, Harvard

• Introducing 2018 RFI Student Serviceship

• RFI-funded projects earn USDA grant for high-tech youth entrepreneurship clinics

• White Paper: Building a Theory of Positive Youth Leadership Identity


• RFI Fellows respond to the questions: “Why Rural?” and “Why Now?”

• 2017 RFI Research Project explores the efficacy of using nurse practitioners to deliver interventions to patients at outpatient clincis for treatment of obesity

• Dr. Connie appears on Rural Health Leadership Radio podcast

• “Why Rural Broadband is Critical,” an interview with Roberto Gallardo